woensdag 27 februari 2013

*NSFW* OhMai such a...


Inuoko's Blog: http://www.flickr.com/photos/inuoko/8498778970/in/photostream

Skin: .tsg. Mesh Head XiaXue

Head: .tsg. Dakota Head
Hand's: xiaxua mesh hand's by the sugar garden!
Glasses: [ R ] e:Mo Glasses SM
Collar: .:FBI:. Kawaii Candie Sweety Collar (Will be putted on sale soon for an promotion price 99L!)
Fluffy Hoodie thing: @NG Shudo Vest@
Gloves: @NG Lumpy Gloves@
Boob's: Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
Piercing's: +AH+ Piercing 08
Lashes: .:FBI:. Dakawaii Lashes (soon for 5L on the marketplace!)
Ear's: Cat Person Ears
Ear Bud's: [-p-] Black ear Bud's
Mesh Skirt: +AH+ Latexstuff Skirty XL Black
Stocking's: Clemmm lrt 9Blacker) black
Tail: SP - Feline Tail - Fluffy 
Hair: :esk-imo: Knotted Up Hair Black
Boot's: New Rock Neptune Goth Black Boot's (By Little Brittain Designes)

What's so nice at this tail?

WEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLL.. it has an hud which you can change the tail length, thickness , wag strength/speed, tail and base lift and much more <3 all by just one tiny hud!!

dinsdag 12 februari 2013

A Happy Succubusi's Valentine~!


                                          Have A Nice And Happy Valentine Everyone!! <333

Hair: Eaters Coma - HAIR 11 (TypeB) / Light Noir
Skin: . tsg . Marina - NoBust/NoTeeth (XiaXua Skin Type)
Shape: .:FBI:. Pure Nyma Shape. (Wont Be Sold!! Will Make Custom Shape's!)
Eye's: "Tsg" Vibrant Lavendar Eyes
Make-Up: .:FBI:. Citzenpaw EyeShadow (Will Soon Be Sold In Different Color's!)
Lingerie: .tsg. Valentine's Lingerie - Black
Breast's: Lolas ::: Tango's ::: Mesh Breasts
Hand's + Feet: .tsg. Xiaxue Mesh Hand's+Feet
Piercing's: +AH+ Piercing No8
Ear's: {Moogle Ear} - With Texture Change Hud By .::Kre-Ations::.
Tail: AVP Claw Tail - Retextured/Modded Resized
PomPom: {Moogle PomPom} Tintable By .::Kre-ations::.
Tongue: {Lollipop Tongue} ChinChilla Mouth By .::Kre-Ations::.
Bow: RO - Briar Bow- Black - Stripe
Crown: RO - Megaton Crown
Head Wing's: RO - Malificient Head Wing (White)
Fang's: :eskimo: Fangs
Eye Lashes: [LCKY] Extra Long Party Lashes (May/or Not May be Resold)

Ao Weared, Not Shown Or Activated : RP-015 Miaw Miaw
Pose's: Made By Jade Composer

zondag 27 januari 2013

A Succubu's Lover Poison


Hair: [Lcky] Ophelia - ThunderStorm
Skin: .tsg. Marina - Nobust/NoTeeth (GroupGift) XiaXue Skin Style
Hands: .tsg. XiaXue Skin Hand
Glasses:[ R ] e:Mo Glasses SM
Eyes: "tsg" Vibrant Lavendar
Shape: .:FBI:. Pure Nyma Female Shape (Not For Sale!!)
Tattoo: .:FBI:. Citzenpaw EyeShadow (soon for sale)
Breasts: Lola's ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
Eye Lashes: [LCLY] Extra Long Party Lashes
Shirt Fleebish! Lifted Top Extreme Latex
Thong: Fleebish! Latex Panties - Black
Shoes: Black "Elegant Dolly" Lolita Pumps With lace Socks
Wings:.:LX:. Breast,Back,Head,Neck,Hip Wings (some parts are modded to fit and rezised to be smaller)
Piercing's: +AH+ Piercing No8
Fluffy Shoulder's: Color.Me.H.O.F[AnjaFurShoulder's[Black]
Tail: SN Mesh Tail, Fluffy, Bare(F) 
Ear's: [][]Trap[][] [Ni.Ju] Short Gelf Ear's Low Pierced
Purple Horns: Lassitude & Ennui - Slightly Monstrous Horns Dark / Purple
Black Horns: ::S:: Digital Fray Horns - Fus Holo
Garter: Little.Things *MyFirstGarter* Mesh Black
Sock's: Clemmm lrt )Blacker) Black And White

zaterdag 17 november 2012

Gotta Lick D'em All


Hair: [LCKY] Lorina/Shiloh - Thunderstorm ((Maybe Wont Be Sold))

Skin: .tsg. Xiaxue ::Nude:: Bust
Hands + Feet: Xiaxue Mesh Hands , Xiaxue Mesh Feet
Glasses: [ R ] e:Mo Glasses SM
Eyes: [ni.ju] Vortex Eyes . Lime (Small)(LT)
Shape: .:FBI:. Nyma Shape ((Not For Resale)
Tattoo:  .:FBI:. Kawaii Nyma Chan. Blush+Eyeshadow
Breasts: Lolas! :::: Push-Ups 2.5 (Chest)
Eye Lashes: !...::ZUZU~U:::...! ~QQKitty~ Lovely Lashes ((With Some Other's))
Outfit: .Tsg. Poke'Bra! ((From Limited Bazaar))
Thong: Thong [Simple/Pelvis] ((Dont remember the store name))
Armor: *GN* IBRS (Black Rockt Shooter)
Drool: Rainbow Drool/Vomit (Can be found on marketplace Texture By me [ask when needed])

<3<3<3 love Y'all 

donderdag 1 november 2012

. Mistress . Black .



Hair: *Duna-Girl*30 (Black)
Skin: .tsg. Xiaxue ::Nude:: Bust
Glasses: [ R ] e:Mo Glasses SM
Eyes: [ni.ju] Vortex Eyes . Lime (Small)(LT)
Horns: [ni.ju] Portmanteau . Black
Crown: -LaViere- Fake PLastic Crown Black (monotone pack Collab88)
Collar: @NG Collar With Kitty Bell@ (Custom & Modded )
Shape: .:FBI:. Nyma Shape ((Not For Resale)
Ears: [][]Trap [][] [ni.ju] Gelf Ears Low/High Pierced
Breasts: Lolas! :::: Push-Ups 2.5 (Chest)
Tail: Carcal Tail Curled (From Hoo~ Texture ~Self Made)
Tattoo: [ni.ju] Ankoku . Full
Piercings: [ni.ju] Chain Chomp Piercing w/flexi Chain Update (Modded Version By Myself)
Eye Lashes: [ni.ju] Ankoku . Darkness Both
Heels: Borgnine Pumps (With *L.inc Sexy* Me Sock Part modded by myself)
Stockings: *L.inc* Sexy Me Heels StockingWarmer Fishnet
Outfit: .tsg. Black Leather Harness (From My Dirty Pillow's Hunt)
Nipple Pasties: :BBGT: Hearty Pasties Cream (From My Dirty Pillow's Hunt)
Dildo's: {Lemon Pucker}/{Lemon Tea} Tri-Pearl Butt Plug , The Plumber , Tallywhacker Dildo
Drool: Rainbow Drool/Vomit (Can be found on marketplace Texture By me [ask when needed])

First Blog!! <3 yes indeed, you see this good! ^^ its my first blog post and my first style information ill give you all!

i hope you all have an great halloween ^^ as well an great upcoming weekend. tomorrow ((friday the second of november)) ill post another blog post 

^^ with my newest product and saturday as well sunday will come some posts of my new products i'll be selling soon when things get better in real life for me ^^